Sunday School: What the Children Said

Little Guo clasped her hand in earnest prayer. Photo: Henan CC/TSPM

“O God, please help me to have Paul’s purity, Deborah’s praise, Abraham’s faith, Esther’s courage, Solomon’s wisdom, Ruth’s loyalty, Paul and Silas’ joy, Mary and Joseph’s love, Noah’s thanksgiving, Moses’ willingness to serve…..” prayed  7 year old Guo, softly after attending a 3-month Sunday School for children organized by churches in Henan Province.

Henan churches were given the Pictorial Bible Stories (PBS) donated by the United Bible Societies through the Henan CC/TSPM.

Gained Greater Understanding and Inspiration

Thumbs up for the Pictorial Bible Stories. Photo: Henan CC/TSPM

When asked how they felt about the PBS, many of the children interviewed gave the thumbs-up.

They praised the PBS as giving them a deeper understanding of God’s word through its simplified language and illustrations. A boy named Wang, 7, found the book very interesting.  “The stories are very helpful to me, especially in the area of helping me know God better. These stories bring out God’s great power, and His unfailing promises. I have been greatly inspired by these stories.”

Qin, giving a shy smile. Photo: Henan CC/TSPM

Another 11-year old boy, Qin was pleased to find “that after studying the Pictorial Bible Stories for about three months in my Sunday School, I realized that studying the Bible was no longer a difficult task for me. This book has simplified the Bible words, so I could now understand God’s Word better. This book has helped me grow deeper in my spiritual life.”

Song, 12, a self-professed avid reader of books, felt a special affinity to the PBS. Although she has read many books, she said this, “When I opened this book, something more powerful attracted my eyes. After I read the stories, I am deeply touched by God’s purity, greatness and love to His people. I will obey God’s Word and be an obedient child of His.” Qin says he’s no longer daunted by the reading of God’s word.

Thank You Lord

“I would like to thank the “brothers and sisters” of UBS for your kind donation. I hope to have a chance to attend more Sunday Schools in the near future!” continued 7 year old Wang with a small grin, “For attending these classes have drawn me closer to God.”

After beginning her prayer with “O God, please help me….” Little Guo completed her prayer with thanksgiving, “Thank you Lord for giving us the Bible, the most precious treasure of all, just waiting for us to discover and learn more about You!”

Written by Pamela Choo
Chinese testimonies translated by David Yu
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership