Timely Biblical Resources for a Teaching Ministry

When Liu Guihua, a recent graduate from the Jiangxi Bible School, received a set of Bible resources, she considered them a timely help as she was worried that she would not have access to any reference books after graduation. Having experienced the love and compassion of God personally, she is committed to following Jesus, serving Him, and glorifying Him in all that she does. Be blessed by her encouraging testimony!

A Heart for Equipping Lay Preachers

Rev Xie Yonghui firmly believes in the value and necessity of Bible Equipping Courses for lay preachers, many of whom face barriers accessing formal seminary education due to age or financial constraints. Testifying of God's power in his life, Rev Xie is dedicated to serving the Lord. From being a mentally ill person, God has restored his mind not only to study theology but also to teach it. It is his hope that more Christians would be empowered to have greater confidence and establish stronger roots in their faith through a proper understanding of God.

A Bucket of Water for A Cup

Zhang Xia, a full-time preacher in Yunnan province, felt enriched after attending the "Life of Jesus" Group Leader Training. It was an opportunity for her to learn and grow with fellow participants of the training as they went through an in-depth study of the life and ministries of Jesus based on the Gospel of Matthew. This training equips them to lead their own small group studies and disciple other believers.

Scripture Literacy Brings Transformation

As a Scripture Literacy teacher, 58-year-old Fang Xiangen finds it rewarding to witness the transformation in the participants of his Scripture Literacy classes. Besides learning how to read and write, they also grow to become more committed to their Christian faith as they learn to read the Bible.

“You Shall Preach the Word”

When Wang Ke was 18 years old, he received the calling to preach the Word. However, it was only years later when he was finally able to enrol into Guizhou Bible School. Having served as a lay preacher, Wang appreciates what he is learning at the Bible School where he is able to delve deeper into the Word and acquire ministry skills. He shares with gratitude how the set of biblical resources he received has equipped him to preach God's Word more confidently.