UBS supports the Church in China to build up each believer’s faith by sponsoring the publication of spiritual resources such as Bibles in various versions and translations, bilingual Scripture portions in booklet form, devotional materials and Biblical reference books.


Bibles in various Mandarin versions and some ethnic minority languages are now available for believers to enjoy in their heart language.

Bible Tools and Devotional Books

Biblical reference tools like Bible dictionaries and commentaries are great help for sermon preparation. Gifting pastors with Bible tools provides access to scholarly Biblical interpretation, thus improving the quality of teaching and preaching in Chinese churches throughout the country.

Scripture Portions / Booklets

Presenting the Gospel in a pocket-sized booklet is a nifty way to encourage people, especially the youth and young adults, to read the Bible. Each bilingual Gospel is prefaced with a short article based on a specific theme aimed at provoking readers to think deeper about life.

Digital Scriptures

A Chinese-English Bible App that serve the needs of a growing class of digital mobile device users in China and elsewhere, featuring user-friendly and attractive layout. Try it today!