The Heart of a Shepherd: Lisu Preacher Mu

Preacher Mu holding his Lisu Bible.

Yunnan – Preacher Mu Weixu, from the West Lisu ethnic people group, may only be 30 but his maturity is beyond his years. Mu grew up with parents and grandparents who are believers. They can be credited with not only passing on their faith but more importantly, moulding him to be the God-fearing person he is today.

Mu’s grandmother has been a pillar in his life. When Mu was about a year old, he suddenly took ill. Intubated at the hospital, the doctor told his parents Mu would not survive. Mu’s grandmother immediately asked for the church deacon to come and pray for Mu.

After praying, they started to sing hymns. Mu’s eyes suddenly lit up and he even started taking sips of milk. One doctor who witnessed this, was so amazed that he came to know the Lord. To this day, he is still a faithful believer.

Growing up, Mu heard this story recounted many times. This made Mu aware of the reality of God and thankful for God’s love. His grandma has been a big influence on him. Even as a young boy, grandma would use everyday activities to remind him about God who loves and sustains them.

Hence in such a nurturing environment, his faith flourished. Young Mu learnt about prayers and teachings from the Bible. God became a part of his life. “Since I was little, prayer would come naturally to me. I would pray as I walked, and sometimes when I went to the mountains to collect wood or herd the cows, I would ask my playmates to pray with me. I never felt like I was talking to the air when I prayed, but rather like God was right there with me.” In 2015, he enrolled into the Yunnan Theological Seminary and graduated in 2018.

Preacher Mu teaching and sharing the Word of God.

Upon graduation, Mu started to serve in two out of the six churches in Naji village where the total number of believers is between 300 to 400. The predominant ethnic people group in Naji village is the Dai group. Needless to say, the two churches Mu serves in are attended primarily by Dai Christians – one has about 80 believers and the other has 40. He also gets invited to other churches to teach and share the Word. Besides serving in church, Mu regularly taught at the local Bible training centre until the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19.

With all the work that Mu does, it is surprising to learn that Mu is only a lay preacher. Mu explains, “Lay preachers are not paid by the church. Occasionally church members would give me some offering although they are already so poor.” In order to supplement his income, Mu has to pick tea as a livelihood.

Preacher Mu recording a video for an online church service.

The current pandemic has affected millions. Church gatherings have stopped but Mu continues to interact with church members through the use of social messaging apps. Because of the coronavirus, an Easter celebration involving 21 Lisu churches adapted its format and went online. “There were quite a number of people who joined us to watch the service. We realised after four months without onsite church services, believers were really longing to hear the word of God.”

Finally, Mu observes, “Our relationship with God must always be right. With that in order, even in the face of the challenges like Covid-19 and financial pressures, I believe God will take care of me so I do not have to worry. The Bible helps me have this correct perspective for these tough times.”


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Story: Marcus Xiao and Jenise Lee
Photo: Preacher Mu, Yunnan CC/TSPM
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