Bible Moments App for Apple Android and Windows

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Bible Moments
is a free bilingual Bible app developed by the United Bible Societies.

Recognised bilingual Bible App

Read concurrently in Chinese and English with trusted and reliable Bible versions, including the CUV, RCUV, ESV and GNT

Listen to the Bible with comprehensive audio library and “Text-to-Speech” functionality

Synchronise notes, bookmarks and highlights across multiple devices

Bible Moments bilingual Bible app multi-version

Bible Moments is a bilingual Bible app that serves the needs of a growing population of digital mobile device users in and outside China. It is available on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Bible Moments bilingual Bible app with search, notetaking and highlight

Bible Moments includes user-friendly tools like note taking, highlight, bookmark and search. This latest release also comes with enhanced bilingual and multi-version support, as well as a comprehensive audio library.
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