Chinese Learning to Read the Braille Bible

Chen Tianbao, 10, is helping Liu Baojie, 36, to learn Braille.

A visually-impaired baby boy was abandoned by his parents. In January 1995, a Christian couple adopted him and named him Tianbao, which means “Heavenly Treasure”.

The couple Mr and Mrs Chen Zhongxing from Henan province had compassion on this baby boy and brought him home. However they were badly criticized by their family members. Out of exasperation, they decided to relocate to Beijing in October 1998 with their adopted son.  They had to work as rag-and-bone collector to earn a living. Even though life is difficult for them, the couple is determined to send Tianbao to a school for the visually-impaired so that he can learn to read the Braille Bible and to understand the Word of God.

Today, Tianbao who is a very bright child is presently in Primary Four. He is able to read both the Braille New and Old Testament now.

In one of the church in Daxing area in Beijng city, there is also another visually impaired Christian, Mr Liu Baojie who is 36 years old. He lost his eyesight after a high fever during his high school days. Amazingly, the Lord used Baojie to share the Gospel with his family and relatives and they came to know the Lord.

Brother Liu Baojie is determined to learn Braille so that he can read the Bible. However the school for the visually impaired is unable to take him in as a student due to his age. Providentially, Baojie came to know Tianbao and since then, Tianbao has been teaching Baojie how to read Braille. Baojie is now able to read the Braille Gospel of Matthew.

Though they may not be able to see with their physical eyes, their spiritual eyes are illuminated. It is God’s love that teaches them how to love and care for one another. The Christian couple was moved to love and care for the visually-impaired baby boy who grew up to teach other visually-impaired to read the Braille Bible! How amazing this is!

“Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.” Psalms 119:105 (GNT)

“The Lord makes me powerful and strong; he has saved me.” Psalms 118:14 (GNT)

Written by Ms Ruth L and translated by Ms Chiong Min Lee,