Read about the launch of the Chinese Study Bible, a ground breaking publication for the Church in China.

Why Go on a Bible Distribution Trip?

Why go on a Bible distribution trip personally when one could just contribute money and get the Bibles printed and distributed? Ivan Lim's reflection shares with you why.

Bible Medical Van Brings Love and Care to Rural Churches

What would most people in Harbin City be doing on a sunny weekend in June? What about going to the rural areas for some volunteer work? That was what a team of doctors did.

30 years of Bible Miracle in China

30 Years of Bible Miracle in China

Black Yi Bible Translation

How does it feel to have God's Word in your own mother tongue? Black Yi believers in China share their joy and thanks in this video produced by British Bible Society. 

A God-sent Friend of the Ethnic Minorities

Singapore – The work of United Bible Societies (UBS) in China is a remarkable testimony of God working through collaborative relationships with various partners,...

Celebrating God’s Word Amongst Ethnic Minorities in China

YUNNAN, China – After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and...

Old Church, New Life

Sister Meng, a Catholic nun serving in Sichuan province shares how the Word of God brings new life to an old church.

Taking Risks With God

HEBEI, China – In another year’s time, Yan Zhibin, a lanky 18 year-old, will be enrolled in a seminary in his province. Currently an...

Teaching Sunday School Teachers Well

HUNAN, China – It has been said that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Hence, teaching and nurturing...

2017 Bible in China Seminar: The Bible and Sinicization of Christianity

Is Christianity still viewed as a foreign or Western religion in the China? How do Christians in China localize their faith? Read this article to find out more.

Doing Serious Business with God

SHANDONG, China –Would Chinese business people talk about dealing with the problem of corruption? And the blurred lines between giving gifts and bribery? Well...

Bible & Values – The Role of Christianity in Modern China

Shanghai, China – What does the Bible say about values? “Psalms 116:15 says, The Lord values the lives of His servants. We know that Jesus...

West Lisu Scripture Literacy Class

Scripture literacy classes in Yunnan is helping West Lisu youngsters learn their heart language and strengthen their faith.

The Work Is Not Yet Over

 YUNNAN, China – 2015 was a significant year for the White Yi Christians in China. Almost a century after Christianity first reached the White...

Scripture Literacy for a Fishing Village

JIANGSU, China – On the east of Sihong County, four hours’ drive from Nanjing, is Hongze Lake, the fourth largest fresh water lake in...

Urgency of Equipping China’s Pastors

Pastors in China have few opportunities for further equipping after graduating from seminaries. Many are also feeling inadequate in ministry. Find out what UBS is doing to help.

Refreshing and Invigorating the Shepherds

JIANGSU, China – The second Jiangsu Pastors’ Training was held from 18-22 April at Jiangsu Theological Seminary. Attended by 70 elders, pastors and preachers...

A Room of Lasting Impact

BEIJING, China – During the Holy Week, a group of third and fourth-year students from Yanjing Seminary were out preaching in various churches in...