We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

Thank You for the Bibles!

What would make you very happy? Even beaming with great joy? For the rural Catholics in Shandong province, it was receiving Bibles donated by overseas believers. Here is a collection of encouraging testimonies by beneficiaries of a Bible distribution trip.

Convicted by the Word

Despite being healed miraculously of a chronic condition, Li Yanjing still did not see the need for God. Instead, he deemed the pursuit of wealth as being the most important thing in his life. One day, he read the Bible and his life took a 180-degree turn. What was it that convicted him? Here is his amazing story of transformation.
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A Bible for a New Believer

One can hardly believe that 65-year-old Granny Yuan Guiying was once a heavy smoker who spent her days without a care for anything or anyone other than playing mah-jong and dancing! Now a believer who enjoys memorising scriptures, find out how she turned from loving the world to loving God.

UBS China Partnership Bible Mission in China Issue 2018/2019

Our UBS China Partnership magazine is now available online. Join us in giving thanks to God as we recount some of our major highlights in the past year!

The Purpose of Those Darkness Moments

At the age of 15, Ren Xiaolei had to face the shame and pressure of false accusation from fellow villagers. Feeling rejected and abandoned, she contemplated suicide. But God's hand was upon her and He made a way out for her. Today, she lives with a strong conviction of God's purpose for her life.

We Couldn’t Even Afford to Die!

To Li Jiaxing, it seemed incomprehensible that a funeral had to be a huge financial burden on the deceased's family. In contrast, he found the hope of eternal life in the Christian faith, which did not require such costly rites. Read the story of this Gan Yi Bible translator who desires to see God's Word transform his tribe for generations to come!

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