We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

China Catholic Church – United Bible Societies Joint Seminar on Bible Translation and Chinese...

An inaugural joint seminar organised by the Catholic Church in China and the United Bible Societies China Partnership, was held on 22 June 2021. The online Seminar was a mutual exchange on the theme of Bible translation and Chinese culture with the goal to contribute towards the work of Chinese Bible translation by the Catholic Church in China.

A Life Transformed: From the Bottom of the Bottle to the Word of God

Mr Sun Liujun’s testimony speaks of the power of the Word of God in transforming lives. His old life was marked by excessive alcohol drinking that affected not just his health, but also his marriage. When he became a Christian, he read the Bible daily, and experienced the renewal of his mind through God’s Word. Today, Sun is a lay preacher devoted in sharing God’s word with his fellow church members.
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From Hating to Loving the Bible

As a young man, Lin Hai’s life was seemingly successful with a good career, stable income and a family of his own. However, in 2013, he ended up leaving his job and his family fell apart. Nonetheless, God was at work in his life, and by His grace, Lin Hai came to know the Lord and experienced God’s healing in his marriage and family. Read the amazing testimony of Lin Hai’s journey of faith and restoration.

UBS China Partnership Bible Mission in China Issue 2020/2021

How did the Churches and Christians in China cope during the pandemic year of 2020? Read the latest issue of our annual "Bible Mission in China" magazine to find out how His Grace prevails through the Bible ministry.

Millions of Bibles for China

In the 1980s, the Chinese Church had a vision and an opportunity to print Bibles for Chinese Christians in China. The United Bible Societies Fellowship responded readily as a partner – undertaking the largest single project in the Fellowship's history by helping to launch Amity Printing Press, which would go on to print millions of Bibles for China and countries around the world.

Living Waters, Thirsty Souls

The gift of the Bible is a blessing that is immeasurable. This precious gift [God’s Word] is able to nourish all thirsty souls. A Program Manager of UBS China Partnership shares her insights on a Bible distribution that took place in Jiangxi Province in 2020.

Turn Your Precious Moments into Bible Moments!

Bible Moments is a Chinese-English Bible app licensed to the Church in China by United Bible Societies for distribution in China.

Special features:

  • Devotionals
  • 100 Question & Answer e-book

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