We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

An Unforgettable Elderly Believer

Read the story of an elderly believer’s inspiring journey of faith and how she remained faithful through the tough times.

Portraits of New Chinese Pastors & Preachers

Entering full-time ministry remains a narrow path for many Christians in China. Why did some still choose to do so and what are the challenges for them in this COVID-19 pandemic season? Let’s hear from some full-time ministers in China.
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Protestant Church of China Launches the Chinese Union Version Bible with New Covers

Launched in Oct 2021 and designed to appeal to the urban and younger readers with three new cover designs, the Seeker’s Edition of the Chinese Union Version Bibles are printed at the Amity Printing Company with the support of the United Bible Societies. Let us join the Protestant Church in China to pray that the Lord will use the Seeker’s Bible to draw many to Himself.

Places Close to her Heart

Having graduated from the Bible Training Center in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, and working there now, the center is very close to Zhou Yaqin's heart. It was the place where her faith was renewed and where she had found real spiritual food. The resources in the Bible center library helped her grow in her understanding of God's Word and gave her confidence to serve more effectively in ministry. She is so thankful for the resources in the library, some of which were supported by UBS. Be inspired by her spiritual journey and her hunger for God's Word.

First Devotional Bible for African Women Printed At Amity Printing Company

The African Women Devotional Bible, which is published by the United Bible Societies, was produced through the collaboration of more than 280 women writers across Africa and 25 Bible Societies in the continent to address the unique circumstances and issues faced by African Christian women in their daily lives. What a privilege for Amity Printing Company to be involved in the printing of this Bible for the African churches!

I Am Really Blessed To See

An accident left preacher Bi, an East Lisu Bible translator, blind in one eye. Yet he counts himself blessed to have been able to witness the publication of the Bible in his own ethnic language and to have been part of the translation team from the start to the end. Read preacher Bi's testimony to find out how he got involved with Bible translation and how God sustained him and the translation team until the translation project was completed.

Turn Your Precious Moments into Bible Moments!

Bible Moments is a Chinese-English Bible app licensed to the Church in China by United Bible Societies for distribution in China.

Special features:

  • Devotionals
  • 100 Question & Answer e-book

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