We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
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“I Hid my Bible in the Pig Sty”

Granny Long Qinmei is from the Miao people group, an ethnic minority group in Southwest China. Aged 86, she meets with God early every morning to pray and meditate on His Word. Her love for God and His Word is evident. The Bible is greatly treasured by her. But why did she have to hide it in a pig sty years ago? Read her story to find out more.

The Legacy of a God-Fearing Father in Suffering

Mdm Niu Qiulian, in her nineties and from Shandong province, has been a faithful follower of Christ since her childhood. Her patient endurance through the years, even through the tough times of the Cultural Revolution, bears testimony and pays tribute to the legacy of her God-fearing father who served the Lord faithfully despite persecution. Be inspired as you read her story here.
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Launch of the Financial Stewardship Bible Chinese Edition

The China Christian Council/TSPM celebrated the launch of the Chinese edition of the Financial Stewardship Bible (FSB) on 12 June 2020. Read more about the FSB here as we give thanks to God for providing this valuable Scripture resource to believers in China.

Healing my Body and Soul

In times of pain and crisis, who does one turn to? For Zhang Dan who struggled with physical and emotional pain for years, her story of her encounter with God the Healer is a shining testimony of God’s redemption and restoration. May our hearts turn to God in faith as we read her story.

A Chinese Christian Overcomes Illness Through Prayers and Kind Help

Falling ill amid the coronavirus outbreak in the China epicentre of Wuhan, without a clue initially of whether she had been infected by the virus, left sister Meimei feeling utterly helpless. But she knew God is with her and she put her trust in Him by praying relentlessly throughout her ordeal until she overcame her illness through God's provision of medication and kind help. Read her encouraging testimony here.

UBS China Partnership Bible Mission in China Issue 2019/2020

Our annual Bible Mission in China magazine is now available online. It features the key highlights of the year with inspiring stories of what God is doing among His people in China. 

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