We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
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“Not being able to read the Bible made me feel as if I had...

In her 33 years as a Christian, Madam Zhang Baohua has experienced the power of God’s Word strengthening her faith and transforming lives. Due to her declining eyesight, she has found it increasingly challenging to read her Bible and thus felt discouraged. Thankfully, she received a copy of a large print Bible from her church last year, allowing her to read the Bible with ease. Be encouraged by her passion for God’s Word and find out why she faithfully reads the Scripture to her grandchildren.

The Treasure of Middle-Aged and Older Believers

Many believers in the rural areas of China are middle-aged and elderly people. As they age, they face various physical and emotional challenges, but God’s Word is a treasure that can provide them with spiritual food, strength and hope in this season of their lives. Large-print Bibles are especially welcomed by these older Christians because of the ease of reading they offer. Read about how blessed they felt to have received free large-print Bibles with the support of the United Bible Societies.
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Miracles in Motion II

Believers of Hong’en Church in Shandong Province experienced the miraculous hand of God when they came together to help rebuild their church building. Starting with the obedience of Ma and Ren who felt convicted to give sacrificially to build the house of the Lord, the entire building process was not without challenges and obstacles. Yet, they pressed on in faith together with their church members and God was faithful to carry them through till the completion of the whole building. All glory be to God!

Miracles in Motion

Ma and Ren are two of the most actively serving members in Hong’en Church of Shandong Province, China. Beset by severe medical conditions, and driven to despair, both women turned to the Lord. Through faith and prayer, they learnt to put their trust in God. Today, Ma and Ren are healthy and actively serving in the church. Their stories testify of an all-powerful, miracle-working God who is faithful to His children.

The Good Shepherd

67 years old Li Wenlan has been a Christian since 1986. As the leader of a church in Tengzhou city, she is deeply committed to shepherding the flock that God has placed in her care. She recognises that God is the one who enables her to lead the church and leads by example through her faithful dedication and a life that demonstrates trust in the Lord. Be inspired by the story of this woman of God.

A Wa Bible for Every Family in the Village

With the support of the United Bible Societies, the Wa Bible has been translated, published and distributed to the Wa people group in China. Praise God that most of the Wa believers in Wa Bible translator Rev Bao Guangqiang’s village are able to read the Bible in their own language and almost every family in the village has a Wa Bible to read! Be encouraged as Rev Bao shares his personal testimony and deep passion for Bible translation in this story.

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