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We Couldn’t Even Afford to Die!

To Li Jiaxing, it seemed incomprehensible that a funeral had to be a huge financial burden on the deceased's family. In contrast, he found the hope of eternal life in the Christian faith, which did not require such costly rites. Read the story of this Gan Yi Bible translator who desires to see God's Word transform his tribe for generations to come!

Here for A Purpose!

Bible translation work is like a marathon that requires much endurance and perseverance. What keeps Bible translators like Elder Su Laiyou going for 20 years? Read his testimony of God's hand in his life that compels him to have a deep sense of God's purpose in his life.
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The Unfinished Task

"Even though he is dead, his faith still speaks to us." James Hudson Taylor, a British missionary to China and the founder of China Inland Mission, came to China in 1853 with the gospel in God's love. Till today, his legacy continues through his enduring faith in God to reach the Chinese for Christ.

Living a Life of Emptiness to One of Blessing

Outwardly, 27-year-old Andrew seemed like he had everything, with a bright road of success ahead of him, but deep inside, there was a longing for more. He sought to fill the void in his heart through excessive drinking. How did the Word of God convict and transform him?

Devouring the Word

Like many in China who have attained a desirable standard of living yet find themselves spiritually hungry, Yan Min found the endless toil of material pursuit meaningless. This changed after she bought a Bible from a church bookstore and started devouring the Word of God.

Bible Tools Like Precious Jewels

One year after becoming a believer, Kong Jinxiang heard the call to be a preacher in his church. Recognising the importance of sound biblical doctrine, he made the effort to study the Bible in order to answer the call of God. Here's an account of a faithful servant of God whose desire to serve the Lord has not diminished even after many years.

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