We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

A Wa Bible for Every Family in the Village

With the support of the United Bible Societies, the Wa Bible has been translated, published and distributed to the Wa people group in China. Praise God that most of the Wa believers in Wa Bible translator Rev Bao Guangqiang’s village are able to read the Bible in their own language and almost every family in the village has a Wa Bible to read! Be encouraged as Rev Bao shares his personal testimony and deep passion for Bible translation in this story.

More than Words – “Come to Me”

Designed around selected Bible verses, especially from the book of Psalms, 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘔𝘦 is a Scripture Portion booklet that brings the truth of God’s Word to people to help them gain perspective and discover freedom in Christ. The booklet, distributed to Christians in Jiangsu in 2020 amid the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, proved to be a great source of encouragement to many.
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Not Just One Man’s Burden

Wang, an ethnic Miao Christian in Christian, is a lay preacher in his village church and has been a Bible translator for over ten years. He shares the challenges he faces in balancing the demands of family and ministry. Yet, he remains committed to the work of Bible translation and is grateful for the financial support of the United Bible Societies that enables him to press on in making the Miao Bible available for generations to come.

A Changed Man

A believer of Christ since the age of 20, Elder Ye has been serving the Lord faithfully by leading his church together with his wife. As a rural preacher, he had to continue working in the fields to support his family while shepherding the church at the same time. Be encouraged by his testimony and find out why the Bible resources he received from the United Bible Societies were such a blessing to him.

Bible Day in China 2020

The onsite celebration of the 2020 "Bible Day" was held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, on 12th and 13th Dec. It is an annual campaign organised by CCC/TSPM to promote the Bible and Bible ministries amongst the Chinese Christian community and beyond. Read about the highlights of the event, which included virtual events that took place online prior to the onsite activities.

The Bible and Belt and Road Initiative

Our annual seminar organised by Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) is not able to take place this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been held yearly for nine years, but we are thankful to God that the 9th seminar took place last year, in November 2019, prior to the pandemic. With the support of the United Bible Societies, the seminar focused on the theme of the Bible in relation to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The sessions discussed impacts and contributions religion, particularly Christianity, made on cities and people in the BRI countries.

Turn Your Precious Moments into Bible Moments!

Bible Moments is a Chinese-English Bible app licensed to the Church in China by United Bible Societies for distribution in China.

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