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How a Church is Built with Very Little Money

Despite facing various challenges in the building of their church in Shandong province, Zhou Lingling and fellow believers experienced how God could use them when they put their trust in Him. Read this inspiring story of how God's people came together in faith and unity, giving sacrificially to build the House of God.

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The Greater Miracle: Amity Press Prints its 200 Millionth Bible

This story recounts the 2019 November 11th celebration of the completion of the 200 millionth Bible by Amity Printing Company. Beyond the grand-scale celebration is a deep acknowledgement of God's miraculous hand over the establishment of the Bible printing press in China and its role in fulfilling the scripture needs of millions of Chinese Christians in China as well as Christians across the world. Let us praise our Sovereign Lord for this amazing milestone!

Through Poverty and Pain

Thrust unexpectedly into a Christian circle while still an atheist, Li Shujuan found herself longing to know the God of the fervent believers she came across in that circle. Today, she too is a faithful follower of Christ who loves the Word of God and leads fellow believers in her church in Shandong. Read about her journey of faith through poverty and pain.

The Heart of a Shepherd: Lisu Preacher Mu

Preacher Mu Weixu, from the West Lisu ethnic people group, serves as a lay preacher in two village churches in Yunnan. Through the godly influence of his parents and grandparents, especially his grandmother, Mu was moulded to be the God-fearing person he is today. Read about his journey of knowing God as a child and what keeps his faith going strong even in the face of challenges such as financial pressures and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I Hid my Bible in the Pig Sty”

Granny Long Qinmei is from the Miao people group, an ethnic minority group in Southwest China. Aged 86, she meets with God early every morning to pray and meditate on His Word. Her love for God and His Word is evident. The Bible is greatly treasured by her. But why did she have to hide it in a pig sty years ago? Read her story to find out more.

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Bible Moments is a Chinese-English Bible app licensed to the Church in China by United Bible Societies for distribution in China.

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