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Lay Preacher Finds Help in Study Bible

About seven years ago, Li Fanghua responded to the call to be a lay preacher. However, she sometimes feels inadequate as she has not gone through formal theological training. Thus, she was overjoyed when she received a copy of the Chinese Study Bible (CSB). With clear and concise explanations of the Bible that are easy to understand, the CSB has given her more confidence for her ministry.

A Christian’s Bucket List

After becoming a Christian, 76-year-old Madam Tang Cuirong experienced the joy of serving the Lord. However, not being able to read the Bible on her own left her feeling unfulfilled. Find out how learning to read God’s Word has changed Madam Tang’s life.
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Knowing the One True God through the Bible

When Cao Jifa, 76, became a Christian and started reading the Bible 16 years ago, he didn't understand a lot of it. But as he persisted and continued reading the Bible, and gradually through reading the Bible and listening to sermons, he was able to understand it better. Be encouraged as he shares how God's Word has strengthened his faith and given him hope.

Attending School In My Father’s House

As Xue Fengqin did not have a chance to go to school when she was growing up, she often felt frustrated by the inconveniences caused by being illiterate. One of the greatest regrets for Xue was that when she became a Christian, she was not able to read and understand the Bible. But things changed when Xue started attending a Scripture Literacy class.

The Need for Continuing Theological Education

Continuous theological education equips pastors and lay preachers in China to serve their churches more effectively. In July 2022, Guangdong Theological Seminary, with the support of United Bible Societies, organised an equipping course for its alumni on the subject “The Chinese Bible - From Manuscript to the Chinese Union Version”. Some participants who attended this course shared their experiences.

A Renewed Life through God’s Word

Madam Wang Qiuhua has experienced the transforming power of God's Word. Not only does it give her strength to cope with the challenges in life, it also helps her in managing difficult relationships. Find out how her trust in the Lord is renewed and how her love for others has grown as she reads the Bible faithfully.

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