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UBS China Partnership

Highlights & Thanksgiving for 2022

In 2022, we witnessed and experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God in different aspects of our Bible ministry in China. Thank you all for partnering with us in serving the Chinese Churches. Join us in praising God as we look back at some highlights and thanksgivings for 2022.

A Heart of Service – From Fashion Retail to Preaching

When God called 34-year-old Wang Hongzhi to become a full-time preacher, she closed her small clothing business in Beijing and went for theological training before becoming a preacher at her church. Sharing her testimony about what led her to respond to God's call, Wang also expresses her desire to read more Biblical books to bring more insights from the Scriptures to the believers whom she shepherds.
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Falling in Love with the Bible

Upon receiving a large-print Bible from her church, 78-year-old Zheng Yuzhen was overwhelmed by God's love for her and shares her testimony with great joy and gratitude to the Lord. Testifying of the transforming power of God's Word, she shares about how God touched her heart, healed her husband and led them both to be faithful and fervent followers of Christ today!

Bible Day in China 2022 – Depicting the Scriptures in Chinese Painting

How would biblical stories like Noah's Ark and biblical values like love and grace be depicted in Chinese painting? How would Chinese Christian artists portray Jesus? At the 2022 Bible Day in China, Chinese Christians had a chance to appreciate art pieces and engage with the Bible through the canvases of local Christian artists and painters, bringing enrichment and inspiration to their spiritual lives.

Deeper Appreciation of God’s Word and His love

While ministering to believers in Feixi county, Yu Feng, a lay preacher, realised that he needed to correctly handle God’s Word and shepherd the believers. The Chinese Study Bible came in very helpful and he shares how it has helped him have a deeper understanding of God's Word both for his personal walk with the Lord and for his ministry.

Serving God Wholeheartedly Despite Challenges

Mr Li Guoqiang, a 34-year-old lay preacher, travels to the various rural churches and meeting places in Liaocheng, Shandong Province weekly to teach and share God's Word tirelessly. It is his hope that despite all challenges, he will serve God wholeheartedly till his old age. Testifying about God's faithful provision for his family, he shares about how God's love and Word motivate him to persevere in the ministry.

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