We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

Bible Sunday in China

Bible Sunday is celebrated by Bible Societies and Churches with the intention to encourage Christians to put God’s Word in the centre of their lives so that they can live it out as a witness to the world. Churches in China celebrated Bible Sunday at Hangzhou’s Chongyi Church in December 2019. Read about this memorable event, which included the hand-copying of Scriptures by 100 believers and a free Bible distribution.

Ministering Amid Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The impact of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic can be felt globally across different sectors, and rural Christians in various provinces across China are not spared either. With church meetings suspended, many ethnic minority preachers are in need of support, as this has affected the usual financial support they receive from congregants. Read about how the support from UBS has helped one needy preacher in Yunnan province continue with his ministry by travelling around the rural areas to encourage fellow congregants during this crisis.
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Equipping Lay Preachers

According to China Christian Council/TSPM, there are 190,000 lay preachers and leaders in China. They play a critical role in assisting the pastors to shepherd some 40 million Christians. UBS help by giving out free Bible reference books and resources to these lay preachers, so that they will be better equipped for ministry. Read the stories of two of them from Shandong province here.

Virus Outbreak Brings Christians Nearer to God

In the wake of the Covid-19 virus outbreak in China, how are believers coping with the suspension of church services and group activities? God's light continues to shine brightly for many who remain faithful. Read encouraging accounts of believers who are growing strong in the Lord during this period of crisis.

Faithful Through the Generations

91-year-old Madam Wang Chongci and her family went through years of persecution during the Cultural Revolution because of their faith. Her late husband, Liu Shengmin, experienced imprisonment and public humiliation among many other forms of persecution, but he remained faithful to the Lord, leaving a spiritual legacy for his family to follow. Read this encouraging story of how Madam Wang and her family grew in the Lord despite being persecuted for their faith.

200 Million Bibles Printed in China

11 November 2019 was a day of great rejoicing for Amity Printing Company and the United Bible Societies Fellowship, as they celebrated with Chinese church leaders and many others, the printing of 200 million Bibles in China. In celebrating this amazing milestone, there is a deep recognition that this was only possible by the Sovereign Grace of the Lord. Apart from the printing of Bibles for those in China, Amity Printing Company also prints Bibles for more than 140 countries and territories. There is also a call for God’s Word to be made available in the heart language of all people groups across the world. May God continue to use the work of Amity Press to meet the global Bible needs!

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