We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

Bible Training in the Mountains

YUNNAN, China – Living in a remote and inaccessible place, West Lisu lay preacher Ci Liheng, 40, has very little Bible resources to turn to nor any spiritual mentors to guide him in his...

From Drunkard to Preacher

SHANDONG, China – When Hou Fangyu lost his father at the age of 9, the family was ostracized by their relatives and friends. Slowly, he picked up drinking and became an alcoholic, often getting...
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In Memory of and Thanksgiving to the Late Elder Fu Xianwei

We are deeply grieved by the departure of Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of the TSPM National Committee of the Protestant Churches in China and a close friend and ministry partner of United Bible Societies. Elder Fu went home to be with the Lord in the early morning of 20 August 2018. He was 74.

Watching the Hours with God

She would walk to a nearby hill and climb up there to pray. There she would watch the hours with God for the church, for the village, for the believers till dawn breaks.

Life of a Lay Preacher

Preacher Pu Zhidui, 50, still remembers those days when he lighted a candle in the dark of the night to read the Bible on his bed in the dormitory of Fugong Bible School.

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