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The Unstoppable Word of God

Kua Wee Seng has served in China Bible missions for close to three decades before he retired in 2021 as Director of China Partnership, United Bible Societies. In his own words (in this article), he had witnessed the explosive growth of the Churches in China, heard countless of faith testimonies from Chinese Christians, and marvelled at how a country which once destroyed Bibles is now home to the largest Bible printing press in the world.

UBS CP Bible Mission in China 2021/2022

In this issue of our annual "Bible Mission in China" magazine, we give thanks to God for the Bible ministry in China as we recount God's faithfulness in the ministry over the years. Be blessed by what the Lord is doing among the Churches in China through the ministry highlights and testimonies of Chinese believers that are featured in the magazine.
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The Grand Banquet

When 62 year old Zhang Cuihua first heard the parable of the Grand Banquet, she was impressed by the generosity of God and accepted the invitation to receive Christ. On that day, she received her first Bible and started reading it eagerly. Since then, Cuihua has been inspired to earnestly serve the Lord. Her love for the Lord and passion for the Bible continue to go deeper. To this day, the vision of God’s invitation to a grand banquet and His heart for the lost remain close to Cuihua’s heart.

An Unforgettable Elderly Believer

Read the story of an elderly believer’s inspiring journey of faith and how she remained faithful through the tough times.

Portraits of New Chinese Pastors & Preachers

Entering full-time ministry remains a narrow path for many Christians in China. Why did some still choose to do so and what are the challenges for them in this COVID-19 pandemic season? Let’s hear from some full-time ministers in China.

Protestant Church of China Launches the Chinese Union Version Bible with New Covers

Launched in Oct 2021 and designed to appeal to the urban and younger readers with three new cover designs, the Seeker’s Edition of the Chinese Union Version Bibles are printed at the Amity Printing Company with the support of the United Bible Societies. Let us join the Protestant Church in China to pray that the Lord will use the Seeker’s Bible to draw many to Himself.

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