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Li Yan, China's Short Track Speed Skating Team Head Coach, who has led the national team to win many olympic gold medals.

CHINA -- Li Yan, famous head coach of China’s Short Track Speed Skating Team, was also head coach of the United States Short Track Speed Skating team in 2003. She has groomed numerous young Olympic athletes and has also won several ‘Coach of the Year’ awards. Says American sportsman, Apolo Anton Ohno, a two-time Olympic Gold medalist in Short Track Speed Skating who was coached by Li, “I have a lot of respect for Li Yan. She is one of the best coaches in the world!” Li Yan is regarded by many young Chinese short track speed skaters as a miracle-maker.  She brought the China team out of the doldrums to the peak of their sport. Winner of four Olympic Gold medals in Short Track Speed Skating, Wang Meng said, “Li Yan has taught me how to give it all and control the game in the women’s 500m.” Read more [...]
Testimony of Liu Yali, China National Women’s Soccer Team, Defender. Liu Yali was born in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. She discovered her fondness for soccer at a tender age of 8 years old. In 1999, she gained entry to China’s National Youth Soccer Team. Shortly after a year, she was selected for China’s National Women’s Soccer Team. Her talent as a defender is undeniable and her career appears to progress smoothly. As a national player, Yali shares the same dream as her team mates Read more [...]
Photo: Cover of the Bilingual Four Gospels for Beijing Olympic 2008. Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of CCC/TSPM, announced at the opening ceremony of the new Amity Printing Company on 18 May 2008 that CCC/TSPM has received the approval of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to use the emblem on the cover of a bilingual Four Gospels for athletes, coaches and officials participating in the Olympic Games. Elder Fu said, “The year 2008 is special to APC and China. In less than 3 months, Read more [...]
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