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Reverend Tu Zhijin, busy at his own desk again after an enriching time in TTC. Photo: Reverend Tu Zhijin

SINGAPORE -- Reverend Tu Zhijin, a native of the mountainous regions of Baihe County in Shaanxi Province, is a New Testament lecturer at Shandong Theological Seminary. He was in Singapore from 5 – 31 August 2013 for a four-week attachment at Trinity Theological College (TTC). Tu is a beneficiary of the collaboration between the China Christian Council/Three Self Patriotic Movement (CCC/TSPM), TTC and the United Bible Societies (UBS) to raise the academic standards of Seminary and Bible School Teachers in China. Read more [...]

Zhao Liangdong, 29, with Wang Aiya, 52, and Wu Liuxuan, 51, who are attending a literacy class at Meng Zhung (Dream Village) village church, Heyang County, Shaanxi Province.

SHAANXI, China – According to the 6thNational Census, 2010, there are 53 million aged 15 and above who are illiterate. In Heyang County, Shaanxi, which has an estimated 10,000 Christians, the illiteracy rate is approximately 20% out of a population of 450,000. The challenges faced by illiterate Christians are numerous. “It’s a challenge to learn about their faith. Because they can’t read or write, they are not able to remember what they have heard since they can’t write it down. It’s hard to see growth without literacy,” explained Elder Lei Gengtang, 50. Elder Lei from Meng Zhuang (literally ‘Dream village’) travels between eight to nine villages on a motorized bicycle to shepherd the believers under his care. Due to the shortage of pastoral staff across China, Christians especially those in the rural areas only get to see their pastors once every couple of months for spiritual feeding. Read more [...]

Shaanxi Province's Scripture Literacy Class in session Photo: Shaanxi CC/TSPM

Says Shaanxi Bible School student Cheng Jingmei, one of the teachers who went back to her hometown to teach a literacy class in a rural church: “I will first teach the students how to pronounce the words or Hanyu Pinyin. When they are able to master the basic sounds, they will be taught how to read and write, check out words in the dictionary.” These literacy classes produce amazing results! Most of the students who attended the class can now read and write, 70% of them mastered Hanyu Pinyin, and 50% of them learnt how to use a dictionary. Read more [...]
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