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JIANGSU, China On the east of Sihong County, four hours’ drive from Nanjing, is Hongze Lake, the fourth largest fresh water lake in China. ‘Hong’ means flooding in Chinese and ‘Ze’ marshland, owing to incidents of flooding in ancient times and a vast area of wetland in the surrounding. A sea of pinkish lotus flowers and green leaves could be seen blanketing the lake during the blooming season.

A Great Need Among the Elderly Believers

A short distance away (about 10 minutes’ drive on mud road from the lake) is a fishing village where Life Spring Church is located and Scripture Literacy classes have been launched recently. On the blackboard are phrases like “Lesson Seven”, “son and daughter-in-law”, “believe in Jesus”, “we love one another”, reflecting what the participants are learning that day.

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YUNNAN, China - Tucked in the Honghe (Red River) Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southeast of Yunnan Province is Mile (pronounced Mi-le) County – a beautiful place known for its hot springs, rolling hills and the Red River, which runs through it before reaching Vietnam.

The historical county is so named because of an ancient legend saying that a deity had once visited the place. Since then Mile has been a religious site for Buddhists and tourists alike.

Recently a 19.99-meter tall statue of the deity has just been erected in the county, which is being developed into a tourist center.

This is also where Pan Luqing, 25, a Miao preacher from another county has been serving for the past one year in Honghe Church, a small congregation of 30 members. The church is located in an iconic old style courtyard house (siheyuan), a walled structure that usually houses three families. “As it is a very old place, the other two families have moved out and converted their houses into an ancestral worship hall, coming back regularly to perform some religious rites.” related Pan, who lives in a small room in the church premise.

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Members of Luo Shui Church crossing the stream to get to church

HUNAN, China -- Luo Shui Church is nestled in a valley with a breathtaking view of the mountains in the distance, surrounded by lush green paddy fields. However, the only way to get to this little church is by stepping on stones in a stream that leads to it. It is challenging enough to cross the stream on normal days, so when it rains it becomes no mean feat to get to church, wading across the waters. Yet, this is a weekly routine of the members of the church, about 30 of them, most of whom are subsistence farmers. One of them is 58-year-old Madam Wu Xiuying who with her husband, makes ends meet by planting rice and corn. She came to know the Lord two decades ago when she and her husband got very ill. “Our family was so poor we couldn’t afford treatment for both of us, so we were very upset. I went to church looking for comfort. When I arrived, I immediately felt a deep sense of peace and was touched by God’s love for me,” Madam Wu Xiuying recalled. Read more [...]
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