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Worshippers began streaming into Henan Tianguang Church on a cold Sunday morning in October. Many would stop by a small table near the gate to get a hot drink to quench their thirst and to keep them warm and comfortable.  The lady who came early that morning to boil water for God’s people is Mdm Liu Suqin. She has performed this duty since 1994 when the Church was built. The joyful, chatty, hospitable, servant of the Lord shared her story on how she came to know Jesus. She explained that Read more [...]
A visually-impaired baby boy was abandoned by his parents. In January 1995, a Christian couple adopted him and named him Tianbao, which means “Heavenly Treasure”. The couple Mr and Mrs Chen Zhongxing from Henan province had compassion on this baby boy and brought him home. However they were badly criticized by their family members. Out of exasperation, they decided to relocate to Beijing in October 1998 with their adopted son.  They had to work as rag-and-bone collector to earn a living. Read more [...]
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