It is because of UBS that the Church in China has strengthened her friendship with churches around the world. — Minister Wang Zuoan, State Administration for Religious Affairs of China, and
Minister Wang Zuoan highlighted the close relationship the Church in China has established with UBS since the early 1980s. The growth of the Bible ministry of the Chinese Church is inseparable from the support given by members of UBS. — State Administration for Religious Affairs of China, and
I would also like to thank UBS. Through the faithful donation of paper to TSPM/CCC and printing machines to Amity, UBS has contributed to the success of the publishing and printing of Bibles in China. — Rev. Dr. Gao Ying, President of Yanjing Theological Seminary. Former Vice-President of NJUTS.,
I hope that UBS donors would continue to be concerned about the Church, the believers and the Bible ministry in China. Although China’s overall economy is growing and the Church is expanding, we have not yet arrived and there are still many poor people who need Bibles. — Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of National Committee of TSPM,
UBS is always willing to serve and work with the Church based on China’s needs.....I have come across many overseas Christian organizations and I think that many should follow UBS’s partnership model with the Church in China. — Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of National Committee of TSPM,
Some people wonder why the Protestant church in China is growing faster than the Catholic Church. I suspect the reason behind the Protestant Church growth is because she puts more emphasis on reading the Bible. — Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian,
It was the United Bible Societies (UBS) who encouraged us to read the Bible more often and even urged us to organize Bible classes. — Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian,

Bible Medic van up a muddy road to a Miao village church.

Up and up, the van pushed itself onwards, on a narrow, windy mud-path. It has been traveling on the road for more than an hour since leaving Kunming City, and then up a muddy mountainous trek for another 1 hour before arriving at its final destination –Gospel Church, a remote Miao (ethnic group) village church at Lu Feng County in Yunnan Province. This was no ordinary van in China. This was a Bible Medical van, the fourth Bible Medical van donated by United Bible Societies through China Christian Council/TSPM, carrying onboard Bibles for the ethnic minorities living in rural parts of China. The van was also equipped with basic medical equipment for the volunteer doctors travelling with the van to carry out medical check-up and tests for the villagers. Read more [...]

Wu (2nd, first row) singing her heart out in the choir

“When I say, Lord, that I love you, I really mean this from my whole heart. Complete obedience, I give myself unto you. Please never let me turn back,” sang 20 year-old Wu Liangdong , a Bai ethnic minority lady, holding back her tears. It was a song of love and commitment. The choir, made up of first-year students from Baoshan Bible Training Centre, wore their best suit and sang their hearts out to guests from the United Bible Societies (UBS) that day, 10 December 2010. Read more [...]
Zhao Huli (left). Photo: UBSCP/Daniel See

Zhao Huli (left). Photo: UBSCP/Daniel See

“I was very proud of myself (then) for at such a young age of 22, I am one of the owners of a successful business,” theological student Zhao Huili said these words at an interview with Daniel See (UBS Translation Consultant) at Jinling Union Theological Seminary. Zhao continued, “Life seemed to be running smoothly until I discovered my partner misappropriated company funds and my business ran into debts. Then my health failed me and I suddenly had a fall one day which woke me up.….” Born in Luoyang city in Henan province, Zhao Huili is currently doing her 4th year theological studies at Nanjing’s prestigious Jinling Union Theological Seminary. Read more [...]
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