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Bao Xiaolin, Mongolian preacher and Bible translator.

Inner Mongolia, CHINA - Bao Xiaolin, a 51- year-old Mongolian preacher, serves a congregation of 70 at a  Mongolian Christian fellowship in Hohhot City of Inner Mongolia. Bao became a member of the Mongolian translation team in 2008 and participated in the checking of the Mongolian New Testament (NT) translation. Read more [...]

The Mongolian New Testment trial edition released on 23 Sep 2013.

According to the Chinese Government’s 2010 census report, Inner Mongolia has a total population of around 24.7 million. Out of these, 4.2 million are ethnic Mongolians. Rev Gao said, “Everyone needs the Word of God”. He encourages believers to read the Bible as it is God’s gift to help us know Jesus Christ better and gain knowledge of salvation. In July 2011, UBS sponsored the translation, printing and distribution of 2000 copies of the Four Gospels trial edition. Two years later, on 23 September 2013, UBS again sponsored 5000 copies of the Mongolian NT trial edition. Read more [...]
How did a person who was brought up as an atheist come to know God? Read the following testimony from a graduate student to find out!  

Wu's heart was filled with happiness and sweetness when she first read the Gospel of Mark.

  The world views everything as permissible, if not acceptable. What is right and what is wrong, I could not seem to differentiate. Bribery is understandable, pre-marital sex is acceptable and cheating in examinations, tolerable. As long as one is motivated to satisfy a need, regardless of the method used, the end justified the means. That was my worldview before I knew Jesus. Read more [...]
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