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  YUNNAN, China – 2015 was a significant year for the White Yi Christians in China. Almost a century after Christianity first reached the White Yi people; they finally have the New Testament in their heart language. Today they have another task ahead of them. Read more [...]

YUNNAN, China – When Yu Zhilin enrolled into the International Business course at Northeastern University in Liaoning in 2006, he did not expect himself to be a preacher one day.

Like any other person, he had his own dreams. “I was not even a Christian then and had wanted to be a school teacher after my graduation,” recalled Yu, 30, who is from the Lisu ethnic minority tribe, one of the 55 ethnic minority tribe in China.

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YUNNAN, China -- What does it take for the Bible to be translated into a minority language? Time, money and language skills? From the experience of Bible translator Elder Zhang Quanwei (left), who comes from the Black Yi minority group, the answer would be God’s amazing provision. Throughout the last 12 years of translating the Bible into the Black Yi language, Zhang has seen God providing for him and his family. There was no lack even as he sent his children for university education and saw the passing on of his father. Divine provision was what enabled him to stay on the translation work till its final phase today. Read more [...]
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