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  YUNNAN, China – 2015 was a significant year for the White Yi Christians in China. Almost a century after Christianity first reached the White Yi people; they finally have the New Testament in their heart language. Today they have another task ahead of them. Read more [...]

JIANGSU, China On the east of Sihong County, four hours’ drive from Nanjing, is Hongze Lake, the fourth largest fresh water lake in China. ‘Hong’ means flooding in Chinese and ‘Ze’ marshland, owing to incidents of flooding in ancient times and a vast area of wetland in the surrounding. A sea of pinkish lotus flowers and green leaves could be seen blanketing the lake during the blooming season.

A Great Need Among the Elderly Believers

A short distance away (about 10 minutes’ drive on mud road from the lake) is a fishing village where Life Spring Church is located and Scripture Literacy classes have been launched recently. On the blackboard are phrases like “Lesson Seven”, “son and daughter-in-law”, “believe in Jesus”, “we love one another”, reflecting what the participants are learning that day.

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CHONGQING, China – “The more I learn to read the Bible, the more faith increases in me!” exclaimed Yin Suzhen (right), 75, who has been a Christian for 10 years but has only learned to read recently. Yin is from Dianjiang County; northeast of Chongqing, a 90-min drive from the municipal city center. The bespectacled elderly lady is one of the 40 participants of the Scripture Literacy classes held at Dianjiang Church last year.

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