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HENAN, China -- Pastor Jiao Xuewen, a cheerful and gregarious young man in his thirties, hails from the city of Zhoukou in Henan Province. Despite his age, he has already accumulated nine years of church service experience under his belt before pursuing his Masters of Divinity degree at Singapore’s Trinity Theological College (TTC) in 2013. As a young pastor, he had assisted UBS in Bible distribution trips to Henan province and was assigned by the provincial Christian Council/ Three Self Patriotic Movement (CC/ TSPM) to start Bible Literacy classes to complement these Bible distribution projects. It may surprise some then that he was not always fervent about the teaching and sharing of God’s Word. (Photo: Rev Jiao (right) presenting a hand copied Bible by Zhoukou believers to UBS CP staff Jock Foo)

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Madam Zhou with her 1924 edition Bible and a copy of an old hymnbook. Photo: UBSCP/ Cynthia Oh

CHANGDE, China – After a 90-minute drive from the city center along a winding and muddy path we finally arrived at the home of Madam Zhou, a retired farmer, to deliver Bibles and listen to her story. Madam Zhou, 70, received us warmly, while her husband prepared lunch in the kitchen. Here, in her old but cozy home, she told us the story behind her Bible, a story that happened nearly half a century ago, while it drizzled quietly outside and the aroma from the kitchen slowly filled our noses.

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YUNNAN, China-- Li Xiaosan (left) belongs to the Dai ethnic minority group and lives in Dehongzhou, a region in Western Yunnan near the Burmese border. He is currently receiving theological training at Dali Bible School and is looking forward to a ministry among gambling addicts. But life was not always so purposeful for Li. Read more [...]
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