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HUNAN, China – It has been said that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Hence, teaching and nurturing children is undeniably one of the most urgent and important tasks in our world today. Besides parents and schoolteachers, who else would willingly take up this heavy responsibility? There is perhaps one more important group of people usually not highlighted— the Sunday School teachers. Read more [...]

Madam Zhou with her 1924 edition Bible and a copy of an old hymnbook. Photo: UBSCP/ Cynthia Oh

CHANGDE, China – After a 90-minute drive from the city center along a winding and muddy path we finally arrived at the home of Madam Zhou, a retired farmer, to deliver Bibles and listen to her story. Madam Zhou, 70, received us warmly, while her husband prepared lunch in the kitchen. Here, in her old but cozy home, she told us the story behind her Bible, a story that happened nearly half a century ago, while it drizzled quietly outside and the aroma from the kitchen slowly filled our noses.

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HUNAN, China - Reverend Zhang Weiliang lives in Linxiang city, a city district of Hunan, under the administration of Yueyang city. He is only 41 years old but not only is he serving as the pastor of Linxiang Church, he is also the Chairman of the Linxiang CC/TSPM.      

A Rough Start in Life

Life was not always straight and smooth-sailing for this servant of God. Zhang quit school early and was a teenage hooligan; every day was spent loitering on the streets. In 1991, he got into a fight and was wanted by the police for causing injury. To escape arrest, he ran away from home. Not knowing where to go, he bought a train ticket. Providentially, he met a couple from Wenzhou on the train. When they found out that he had nowhere to go, they invited him to Wenzhou. Having no other option, the young Zhang agreed and stayed with them in their home. Being Christians, Zhang’s new-found friends took him to church with them that Sunday. That was a turning point in his life. He recounts, “I still remember the song the choir sang that day was about the return of the prodigal son. The lyrics made me think about my own life and what the meaning of life was.” Read more [...]
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