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(2005) Wang Zhiwei

(2005) Wang Zhiwei

“I met Wang Zhiwei in 2005. He was unlike the other children. His face carried a perpetual frown. He was very quiet, not running around, as if lacking in energy. Someone told me that he was having a fever. I held his hand and asked him to give me a smile. With some difficulty, he managed to give me one. I took a picture of him, turned my camera around and showed him this precious photo (left). I asked if that was him in the picture. He held the camera and nodded excitedly. He was 8 years old then. In April this year, little Zhiwei passed away, a victim of the HIV/AIDS disease. I will always remember that moment -- when I held his hand and he smiled for me.”

- Ms. Yeo Tan Tan, UBSCP Program Manager

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