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Zhang Madam Zhang is a visually impaired person. She also has a weak heart and getting out of bed proved to be difficult at times. Her husband is mentally disabled. They do not have any children. She came to know the Lord in March 2000 and later joined a fellowship for the visually impaired in Harbin City that same year. She was baptized in 2008. Despite facing difficulties in living each day, Madam Zhang still attends church faithfully. She shares that the portion of Scripture that is especially dear to her is Psalms 23 because she needed the strength to see her through each day.Full of trust in the Lord, she says with a smile, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. God promises to give strength. Every time I come across these verses, I would pray that God gives me strength and grant me good health because I have heart illnesses. Every time I read this verse, I am filled with joy because of His promises.” Read more [...]

View Larger Map HARBIN - October 17, 2008 was the tenth anniversary of the Ephphatha Fellowship for the Christian Hearing Impaired at Nangang Church, Harbin. Many hearing impaired Christians entered the holy house of God in droves that morning, their faces illuminating God’s Glory. This day is chosen by the Lord. It was God’s grace that moved His servants to set up the Ephphatha Fellowship for us where we can witness the Lord’s blessings in abundance. Over the past ten years, God’s grace was with us in our journey. Read more [...]
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