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HEBEI, China – In another year’s time, Yan Zhibin, a lanky 18 year-old, will be enrolled in a seminary in his province. Currently an Electrical Engineering student at a technical school, he said this is a risk he is taking with God- a leap of faith. It turns out that this is not the first, but the result of a series of ‘leaps of faith’ he has been taking with God.

The First Leap

Zhibin comes from Baoding, a city in Hebei province, a three hours’ drive from Beijing. Coming from a family of four, he lives with his parents and a younger brother. Though a third generation Christian, he did not attend church regularly and did not understand much about his faith.

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Photo: UBSCP/Ellyn Chan

By invitation of CCPA/CCBC (China Catholic Patriotic Association/ China Catholic Bishops’ Conference), the Singapore's delegation of seven from UBS China Partnership, led by Mr. Kua Wee Seng visited China CatholicChurch from Oct. 9 to 14, 2012. In the afternoon of Oct. 9, Bishop Fang Xingyao, the Chairman of CCPA and Vice-Chairman of CCBC, Bishop Ma Yinglin, Chairman of CCBC and Vice-Chairman of CCPA, Mr. Liu Yuanlong, Vice-Chairman cum Secretary General of CCPA, Bishop Guo Jincai, Vice-Chairman of CCPA and Secretary General of CCBC, received the delegation warmly at CCPA/CCBC and had an discussion together. Father Yang Yu, Vice-Secretary General of CCBC, and the directors of foreign affairs department and  educational administration department of CCPA/CCBC also attended the meeting. Read more [...]
Beijing city and Hebei province would probably be the two most popular places in China where many Chinese Catholics reside. We visited these two places where some of the 200,000 Bibles and 800,000 New Testaments supported by the United Bible Societies (UBS) and the Taize Community were distributed. These Bibles and New Testaments were published and distributed by the Catholic Church in China nationwide.

4 ladies engrossed in the reading of the UBS-Taize Bibles. Photo: UBSCP

We met four ladies (see photo) in Hebei province, reading the Bible donated from UBS and the Taize Community. Three of them now own a Bible for the first time; all received free owing to the generosity of our donors. Not all the ladies can read Chinese. During Mass, the lady in the group who can read will read God’s Word aloud. Now, with their own Bible copies, all the ladies said they could practice reading God’s Word at home with their children or grandchildren. One of the ladies (first left in photo) who cannot read said she liked listening and learning. When she got the Bible, she began learning the Chinese characters because she wanted to be able to read the Bible on her own soon. To say that she is very happy now that she has her own Bible would be an understatement. Read more [...]
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