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God healed Yan’s broken left leg after she spent six months in bed reading the Bible that dangled from the ceiling.

CHINA- Yan Cuiling was only 45 years old when she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Friends urged her to receive Christ promising that she could be healed. In her desperation, she accepted Jesus into her life in 1988. A month later, God indeed healed her. However, she was quick to forget  God when she no longer needed Him. Three years later, a fall left Yan bedridden. "I broke my left leg near the hip joint and had a plaster cast up to my waist. I couldn't move. I understand (now) this incident as God’s loving discipline, calling me to return to Him," says Yan. Read more [...]

Pastor Xu (back facing) teaching the Bible to current residents.

Under the Baoshan City Christian Council, the Baoshan Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centre was established on 15 September 2007 by Reverend Xu Chengyun, son of the founder of the Baoshan Bible Training Center (please see earlier story self-funded drug rehabilitation centre, lauded by the government for its contribution in social services, had received a national award in Beijing some time ago. There are 7 members in its staff comprising a church elder, 2 lay-preachers, 2 seminary students and 2 former residents (of the drug rehab centre). Although its facilities are modest, the Centre is equipped with a basketball court and a small garden for the residents to potter around during their spare time. Read more [...]
Fang Xiaodong

Fang Xiaodong

Two people were instrumental in leading me to Christ: my wife and my boss. My wife became a believer before I did. In the beginning she tried to reach out to me by inviting brothers and sisters-in-Christ to our home for fellowship where they would share the Gospel with me. But I did not want to believe. I would try to debate with them about religion, deriving my arguments from the many religious books I had read. However, after my wife had received Christ into her life, I could not deny that her life underwent tremendous changes for the better. The second Christian person who influenced me greatly was my former boss. His kindness and graciousness were traits I found very rare in the people around me. Read more [...]
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