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HENAN, China – Being the most populous province in China, Henan has more than 100 000 000 people. Of these, 5 000 000   are Christians, 70% of whom are located in rural farming regions. With less than 13 000 preachers and pastors ministering among this vast number of people, Christian education and evangelism are big challenges. Read more [...]

Members of Luo Shui Church crossing the stream to get to church

HUNAN, China -- Luo Shui Church is nestled in a valley with a breathtaking view of the mountains in the distance, surrounded by lush green paddy fields. However, the only way to get to this little church is by stepping on stones in a stream that leads to it. It is challenging enough to cross the stream on normal days, so when it rains it becomes no mean feat to get to church, wading across the waters. Yet, this is a weekly routine of the members of the church, about 30 of them, most of whom are subsistence farmers. One of them is 58-year-old Madam Wu Xiuying who with her husband, makes ends meet by planting rice and corn. She came to know the Lord two decades ago when she and her husband got very ill. “Our family was so poor we couldn’t afford treatment for both of us, so we were very upset. I went to church looking for comfort. When I arrived, I immediately felt a deep sense of peace and was touched by God’s love for me,” Madam Wu Xiuying recalled. Read more [...]

Dao (left) distributing the Jingpo Bibles. Photo: UBSCP/ Cynthia Oh

YUNNAN, China -- 20 years ago, Dao Jianfen, a Christian from the Jingpo ethnic group, left her hometown to seek employment in the city. That day, the only precious things she owned were an old Jingpo Bible and a hymnal. Her family had just embraced the Christian faith and her father gave her the only Bible owned by the family so that she would have the Word of God with her. Read more [...]
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