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Pamela Choo with her two children, Ethan and Elysa. (Her husband who's camera-shy, was the photographer)

Pamela Choo shares her personal journey as the co-writer of the photobook, The Bible Comes Alive.

Singapore -- Not long ago at a Bible Study meeting, an informal discussion started among my church mates on Christianity in China. My church friends were surprised to learn that China now has an “open door” policy and that Bibles can be distributed freely. Needless to say, my church friends were bowled over when I shared that the world’s largest Bible printing press is found in China, and that the Chinese Church is growing at an explosive rate

with thousands embracing Christianity every single day.

That night I returned home from the meeting, deep in thought. If I were not in the China Bible ministry, I might also have shared the same presuppositions as my church friends. Read more [...]

Close to 100 participants congregated at St Andrew’s Cathedral for the seminar.

Singapore -- “It was as if scales fell off my eyes,” remarked Tan Eng Kwang, age 29, a Christian ministry staff, when asked about his thoughts on “The Bible Comes Alive” seminar. Close to 100 participants congregated at St Andrew’s Cathedral for a public seminar on Bible ministry in China on 29 March 2014. Held in conjunction with the launch of a photo book published recently entitled The Bible Comes Alive: Window into the Christian Church in China, organiser Rev Peter Chen spoke about the seminar’s two-pronged objectives. The first goal was to introduce to the public the glorious work of God in China by giving an updated perspective on the Christian Church in China. The second objective was the hope that participants would come away, more encouraged and eager to support China Bible missions. Read more [...]
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