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BEIJING, China – During the Holy Week, a group of third and fourth-year students from Yanjing Seminary were out preaching in various churches in Beijing. It is an annual practice by the regional seminary to expose their senior students, who have been taught Biblical Studies, to preaching in churches. Song Yu, 27, who comes from Lanzhou, Gansu province, was one of them. “I understand that after the Cultural Revolution, it was common that there were some self-professing, well-intentioned preachers who went around teaching incorrect doctrines because they have not been trained. So it’s important to be equipped and have sound doctrine,” said Song Yu. (Photo: Song Yu, at the Yanjing Seminary BRR) Read more [...]

BEIJING, China – The month of November heralds the end of autumn and the start of winter. In the midst of this transition of seasons, the campus of the China Catholic Seminary was abuzz with activity on 10 November 2015. Many had gathered to witness a momentous celebration taking place that afternoon to commemorate 20 years of Bible ministry partnership between UBS and the Catholic Church in China. Leading the UBS delegation of 21 members was, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, member of the UBS Global Council.

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Mr Chen Dongfeng visiting his Alma mater in Singapore (Photo: UBSCP/ Angela Teo)

SINGAPORE -- Mr Chen Dongfeng is a lecturer at the Center for International Education Exchange in Beijing Jiaotong University, teaching Literature and counseling students. He has been a Christian for 23 years. He tells a heartwarming story of how he found God through reading the Bible.  Read more [...]
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