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China's Amity Press celebrates printing of 100 million Bibles.

Nanjing: It took Amity Printing Company (APC) 20 years to print its first 50 million Bibles. With the increase in Bible demands from China and Bible orders from overseas, APC printed its next 50 million Bibles in less than 5 years! Read more [...]
Rev Dr Cao Shengjie giving a sermon at the Thanksgiving Service for the 80 millionth Bible Celebration. Photo: UBSCP

Rev Dr Cao Shengjie giving a sermon at the Thanksgiving Service for the 80 millionth Bible Celebration. Photo: UBSCP

“The Lord has done a new thing, a wonderful thing, a great thing!”, declared Rev Dr Cao Shengjie in her sermon at the Thanksgiving Service for the Completion of the 80 millionth Bible held in Nanjing on 8 Nov 2010. Rev Cao is the Co-Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of the Church in China and former President of the China Christian Council. Rev Cao recounted the time of the Cultural Revolution when Bibles were confiscated and destroyed. The Chinese Christians were deprived of their Bibles during those years. She remembered when the Chinese Church leaders gathered for their first Standing Committee meeting after the end of the Cultural Revolution in Shanghai in February 1980, they decided that one of their first urgent and important tasks was to print Bibles to meet the crying needs for the Word of God. Read more [...]
What does a little blind Christian girl think of Jesus? This is the burning question preoccupying my mind when told I was going to interview a little girl who is visually challenged.
Little Daifa reading the Braille Bible. Photo: UBSCP

Little Daifa holding her first Braille Gospel of Matthew. Photo: UBSCP/Jock

Xiao Daifa is an eight year old girl and she is born blind. Abandoned by her birth parents, she was found to be badly in need of proper nutrition and love when the “Shanghai Huge Grace Disabled Welfare Centre”, otherwise known as “Guang Ci” (上海广慈残疾儿童福利院) adopted her. She was already 6 years old at that time, joining 4 other blind children also adopted by Guang Ci. Founded in 1998, Guang Ci, a registered welfare orphanage for children with special needs, provides basic care as well as medical and educational assistance to more than 40 disadvantaged children, abandoned by their own parents. At Guang Ci, blind children learn by hearing. Bible stories are taught using audio means. “It was Wu laoshi (or teacher) who taught me stories from the Bible. She will also pray for us children in the orphanage and tell us about Jesus,” said a beaming Daifa, when asked about her teachers. Read more [...]
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