It is because of UBS that the Church in China has strengthened her friendship with churches around the world. — Minister Wang Zuoan, State Administration for Religious Affairs of China, and
Minister Wang Zuoan highlighted the close relationship the Church in China has established with UBS since the early 1980s. The growth of the Bible ministry of the Chinese Church is inseparable from the support given by members of UBS. — State Administration for Religious Affairs of China, and
I would also like to thank UBS. Through the faithful donation of paper to TSPM/CCC and printing machines to Amity, UBS has contributed to the success of the publishing and printing of Bibles in China. — Rev. Dr. Gao Ying, President of Yanjing Theological Seminary. Former Vice-President of NJUTS.,
I hope that UBS donors would continue to be concerned about the Church, the believers and the Bible ministry in China. Although China’s overall economy is growing and the Church is expanding, we have not yet arrived and there are still many poor people who need Bibles. — Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of National Committee of TSPM,
UBS is always willing to serve and work with the Church based on China’s needs.....I have come across many overseas Christian organizations and I think that many should follow UBS’s partnership model with the Church in China. — Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of National Committee of TSPM,
Some people wonder why the Protestant church in China is growing faster than the Catholic Church. I suspect the reason behind the Protestant Church growth is because she puts more emphasis on reading the Bible. — Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian,
It was the United Bible Societies (UBS) who encouraged us to read the Bible more often and even urged us to organize Bible classes. — Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian,

JIANGSU, China The second Jiangsu Pastors’ Training was held from 18-22 April at Jiangsu Theological Seminary. Attended by 70 elders, pastors and preachers from Xuzhou, Huaian, Zhengjiang, Suqian and Nantong, this continuing education supported by UBS is Jiangsu Christian Council/TSPM’s way of strengthening the preaching and teaching capabilities of key church leaders throughout the province. (Photo: Participants of the training, invited guests, instructors and staff members of Jiangsu Theological Seminary)

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HUNAN, China – It has been said that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. Hence, teaching and nurturing children is undeniably one of the most urgent and important tasks in our world today. Besides parents and schoolteachers, who else would willingly take up this heavy responsibility? There is perhaps one more important group of people usually not highlighted— the Sunday School teachers. Read more [...]

YUNNAN, China - Tucked in the Honghe (Red River) Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southeast of Yunnan Province is Mile (pronounced Mi-le) County – a beautiful place known for its hot springs, rolling hills and the Red River, which runs through it before reaching Vietnam.

The historical county is so named because of an ancient legend saying that a deity had once visited the place. Since then Mile has been a religious site for Buddhists and tourists alike.

Recently a 19.99-meter tall statue of the deity has just been erected in the county, which is being developed into a tourist center.

This is also where Pan Luqing, 25, a Miao preacher from another county has been serving for the past one year in Honghe Church, a small congregation of 30 members. The church is located in an iconic old style courtyard house (siheyuan), a walled structure that usually houses three families. “As it is a very old place, the other two families have moved out and converted their houses into an ancestral worship hall, coming back regularly to perform some religious rites.” related Pan, who lives in a small room in the church premise.

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